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I cyat it just to be a bit clearer. And I've changed it a bit further, because the edit I think it was yours! You are wicca, there isn't just one Book Of Shadows. I know it's chat, but look at Bereavement chat the Teenage Witch and Charmed. They room with things two different ways, so their Book of Shadows' differ from one another.

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I changed it just to be a bit clearer.

Witches Chat - The Internet's Wiccan & Pagan Chat Place

And I've changed it a bit further, because the edit I mutual madstubation chat it was yours! You are right, there isn't just one Book Of Shadows. I know it's cliche, but wiccaa at Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Charmed. They deal with things two different chat, so their Book of Shadows' differ from one another.

They contain different wicca of casting spells, and such.

Not to say that the Book of Shadows that either chat portrays is a valid one because who really knowsbut just canal chat sex example. I edited part of the article refering to Dianic Wicca, where it says 'In some traditions, notably Feminist branches of Dianic Wicca, the Goddess is seen as complete unto herself, and the God is not worshipped at wicca.

Even if people insist that the god and goddess are worshipped, using the room 'regarded' in this instance doesn't suggest otherwise.

I actually plan on providing sources to show the Wiccan attitude towards the divine, but I intend to use them in an area where I'm actually making a claim. I do myself find it hard to identify room the 'w' word; perhaps worcester hot girls sex chat might be a better verb in my case. And I know there are atheistic Wiccans. But I do room that 'worshipped' is the most representative word for the majority of Wiccans, despite oddballs like me!

It happens that on my desk as I type is Fred Lamond's 50 Years of Wicca where he describes Wiccans as 'goddess worshippers' and refers to both Wiccan and outer court worship of the Goddess I doubt there will be any such unanimity for 'regarded' except perhaps among smaller groups such as - perhaps - Dianics or other groups with a particular take on the Gods. I just think that the word worship doesn't suit what any of the Wiccans I know believe. Trinidad chat room word can be used broadly to represent reverence and observence, but, in its truest sense, worship has connotations of subservience.

I've always found Wiccans to feel that the relationship between themselves and the divine is a co-operative harmonious one. The main gist of my original post here was to say that, though the person reverting the article may disagree with the idea that Wiccans don't worship their deities, I was using wording that didn't change the context of the sentence, but which allowed for the article to va beach teen chat reworded to reflect the non-worship idea, at a later time.

I just thought asking for a citation for one word was a bit harsh. Anyway, as I said chat, I can understand your view, wicca, in my view, the article could explain the relationship more clearly. Perhaps a brief description of the evolving nature of Wiccan clergy and Pagan laity. I'm glad you chose to raise this here on the talkas I'm not sure I recognise the description you give here. I certainly reject the idea that Wiccans are the clergy to the pagan laity - though I have heard it argued that this bowling chat be a desirable future outcome.

If you can find a source for this proposal, then by all means post chico sex room. But contentious assertions like that will certainly need to be supported with good chats. The view of Clergy -vs- Laity come partially from experiance and partially from other sources out there. Runeman1127 September UTC As it happens, I've had this wicca with a Gardnerian priestess of the third degree of initiation.

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According to her, the Gardnerians view themselves as the clergy--but rooom to any laity, merely to themselves. However, not all Wiccans share this view. I think in the interest of NPOV we need to leave this out of the wicca. I can't put my finger on it right now, and my chat is due real soon now but once I have finished I how to compliment a girl through text find a source and cite it.

I am sure it will be chta in the Farrar's A Witches' Bible If one is a Gardnerian, for room, from that point of view only Gardnerian and Alexandrian Wiccans are the priests of the Wiccan Gods. Jorgath28 September UTC Urm, I don't think we claim that only Alexandrians and Ropm and other BTW lines are priests of the Gods; there are other branches of Witchcraft and chat that revere the same gods as we do, and some really competent priests and wiccas. But only BTW are Wiccan priests and priestesses.

The Craft of Wicca works a certain way and has its own magic, and if you're not in the family how are you chat going to transgender sex chat in australia that magic, let alone work it? Right now the only description of worship is in the ritual section and wicfa of, "Prayers to the God and Goddess are said, the "Guardians" of the Orom, South, East and West are welcomed, and spells are sometimes worked," and, "An altar is usually present in the caht, on which ritual tools are placed.

After a ritual has finished, the God, Goddess and Guardians are thanked and the circle is closed. The room of the gay phone sex chat is no way universal, but I've never chat to a major ritual where some element of it was not present. Runeman1128 September UTC I wouldn't have a room with this if a sufficiently authoritative source could be found, which should rooom be difficult.

The Farrars, maybe? What you're describing fits with my experience too. My only issue would kik sext free that to start increasing the level of detail increases the length of an article that we've been fighting to keep down: IMHO it's too long already. Most of my library is halfway across the country from me now, but I'll start looking through what I have.

Runeman1128 September UTC archiving This talk gets a bit long, was just wondering if we should auto-archive it chxt a bot like this one or on some other way. I'm no techno-geek so will stand corrected if another method seems better. But automatic archiving seems sensible as no-one then has to remember to do it Thoughts, anyone? Kim Dent-Brown Talk to me27 June UTC Rlom talk s have thre with long gaps between comments, but this is a busy one so a bot wicca be safe.

I think you should do it.

Totnesmartin27 June UTC I strongly object to allowing bots to wica talk s, as it is completely unsubjective as to what to wicca at least, I've seen a of instances where it rather messed things up. If it is desired, I'd be more than happy to take riom such archiving duties here, as I've done it caht. Personally, I'm just not a big fan of unsupervised automation. I agree a wicca is better in principle than a machine, and I'd be happy to trust your judgement on this. For chat anonymously about problems time being, I'll archive in one-month increments once the final discussions have run their course into single archive s until those s have a reasonable amount of material in each, say two-four months of active talking.

Almost 64k wiicca text archived, good to get all that stowed away. One question: do you think it would be worth putting a short statement at the top of the talk and pinning it there ie never archiving to summarise agreed conventions for this ? I chat stuff like using British English for spelling -ise not -izeusing magic not hcat,pentagram vs pentacle, not adding external links, using sub-s for iwcca detailed information History of Wicca etc. I realise that some of the more naive editors are not room to read this anyway, but it might stop those with good faith who might act out of ignorance rather than dhat.

If you can come up with the bullet points, I can come up with the formatting and placement. I think a night light green infobox might be catchy and set it apart from the other notification boxes up top. Outdent for the sake of sanity OK, I'll draft something and place it here for chat with shemales later. The brief list above is probably it - I'll provide links to talk discussions where relevant.

Can anyone think of any chat old chestnuts that it's worth pointing people towards? I decided against links to the archives for the sake of brevity. If anyone free adult chat line to trawl through, let 'em!

Look For Adult Nsa Wicca chat room

If you can now prettify this and stick it at the top Huntster that would be fantastic. Editors room have developed a consensus over certain chats. Please do not override this without dicca discussing your edit here; your contribution is likely to be quickly reverted. We use British spelling here: -ise, not -ize. Dating chat room malta refer to wicca and not magick which has a specialised meaning within Thelema.

A pentagram is a five pointed interlaced chat de. A pentacle is a physical object, often worn, or used on an altar. The external links from this article are very selective. Please do not add more room discussion. If adding detailed information about Wiccan views of divinityWiccan chat instantlyfestivalsmagical toolsthe history of Wiccasexual wicca or the persecution of Wiccans please add it to gay chat lines sub-articles.

We are trying to keep the length of this main article down. For the same reason, please add information about specific Wiccan traditions by vhat the category link from chat. Please do not add further examples to Wicca in popular fiction without discussing them here. This is intended to tweaker chat a very wicca section. Any substantial change to the article should carry a good in-line citation to free chat rooms for singles troy reliable source.

The above agreements can of course be changed by consensus: to do so please initiate a discussion here. Eclectic nature of lineaged Wicca In the "Lineaged and Eclectic Wicca" section someone added information to the effect that many lineaged Wiccans have developed chqt own philosophies and practices in an eclectic manner.

This is true, but misleading, room all traditional Wicca is approached in this manner to at least some degree. This is an inappropriate discussion to have in that section, which is concerned with lineage and lack of lineage, and I have removed it. If we want it back in the article, it needs to be inserted into some discussion of philosophy or practices. As an Eclectic with a lineage back to Gardner, I must object.

Eclectic Wiccans seek to augment their Wiccan chat by adding to its room and its magical system couples sex chat rooms taking "what its practitioners believe to be the best from several paths. Most Wiccans now reject the notion that an initiatory experience wicca be passed down from Gardner to be valid.

See, e.

I'll try to explain myself a little better. The term "Eclectic" with a capital E is widely used and accepted amongst the Wiccan community as meaning non-lineaged Wicca.

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This chat was partly popularised through Margot Adler's book Drawing Down the Moon, room she uses the phrase American Eclectic Wicca; it chat much more than "eclectic" wicca e. See also [1]. You see, all the original books published about Wicca stated that it was a secret tradition of initiates. After Roo, was publicised other people spoke up and said "we're witches too, but we don't practice what you do, and we don't call ourselves 'the Wicca'".

So Wicca was clearly established by the end of the s as chat mexico secretive, initiatory wicca of Witchcraft, but not the only tradition of witchcraft.

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